BE SUSTAINABLE! Fashion Summit is a professional international event aimed at increasing the level of expertise of Ukrainian professionals working in the field of design and production of clothing.

The project was established during Ukrainian Fashion Week FW18-19 as a Sustainable Fashion Space and has grown into large independent project as a part of UFW. 

The project is presented as an interactive space at the main location of Ukrainian Fashion Week during the entire period of the Fashion Week. This space serves to demonstrate and support local fashion designers who implement sustainable practises in their collections and communication. The representation is based on the relevant context of modern society and encompasses the major issues of sustainable development in the country.  

The second part of the project is educational, a one-day open fashion conference covering the key problems of the topic and aimed at raising awareness of sustainable fashion and improving the expertise of the fashion community.

BE SUSTAINABLE! is the biggest international center for conscious fashion, innovation, and networking in Ukraine. 


To present successful international sustainable projects to promote ideas of sustainable development and facilitate the progress of the Ukrainian fashion industry in this field.



We immerse the audience in the world of designers, demonstrating local sustainable practices and technological solutions. In visual and interactive ways, we promote sustainable fashion ideas and create stories that will not be forgotten, stories that will continue to inspire those who choose sustainability as the DNA of their brand. 

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