The COAT by Silchenko





The Coat is a Ukrainian prêt-à-porter women's clothing brand, founded by designer Katya Silchenko in 2013.

Katya's source of inspiration - the women around her - are strong, temperamental and elegant at the same time.

The designer creates bright things, emphasizing femininity: thanks to the unique and years-honed cut, The Coat things fit perfectly, properly emphasizing the silhouette. The Coat presents complete lines. Coats, corsets, bustier dresses and high-waisted items are always recognizable in the collections. In the resort format, there are cocktail dresses and summer trench coats, as well as relaxed pajama sets. The designer skillfully combines bright details in the images, using bold accents of feathers, leather, a combination of different textures, ruffles and prints, and fabrics and decorative elements are always selected personally. Among the fans of the brand: Vera Brezhneva, Rita Ora, Alla Kostromichova, Masha Efrosinina, Jamala, Tina Karol, Lisa Yurusheva, Polina Nenya, Lydia Pfeiffer, Lera Borodina. Clothing from The Coat is universal: it is suitable both for everyday life and for going out into the world - in both cases it will not leave its owner unnoticed.