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Ukrainian Fashion Week with the support of the Ukrainian Cultural Foundation presents the sixth story of Action: Sustainable Fashion – ARTEMKLIMCHUK.

The oxymoron "less is really more" is no longer paradoxical.  Today, a new luxury is the absence of excess, the ability to slow down all spheres of life and the freedom to manage their own time.  Slowing down is an impetus for learning.  For the hero of our history, it is the study and preservation of Ukrainian traditions, and most importantly, their restoration through modern design.  This conscious approach makes it possible to create a unique product that is not subject to time.

Designer Artem Klimchuk creates fashion that matters.  In the collections of the ARTEMKLIMCHUK brand, couture handicrafts are intertwined with traditional national motifs, which creates a special timeless product.

ARTEMKLIMCHUK was founded in 2015.  A conscious approach to fashion has become one of the most important principles on which the brand is built.  The task of the team is to create clothes in small quantities, focusing on its exclusivity and quality.  Everything that Artem Klimchuk does is born in an atmosphere of deep respect for craftsmanship and handicrafts.  When choosing fabrics, Artem often works with the highest class effluents.  This approach has its own peculiarities, often the products appear in one copy, because working with drains does not allow to order fabrics.

The designer is not afraid to work with fabrics that have defects, perceiving it not as a disadvantage, but as a challenge to design skills and as a certain "uniqueness".  Defective areas of material do not end up in the landfill - they are decorated with embroidery and applications, which allows you to reduce the amount of textile waste.

Artem Klimchuk

In creating small limited batches of clothing, the masters of the brand also use materials of Ukrainian production in combination with stock fabrics from European manufacturers.

ARTEMKLIMCHUK specializes in both women's and men's clothing, paying special attention to detail.  The recognizable code of the brand's collections is an emphasis on traditional embroidery, applique and hand knitting techniques.

ARTEMKLIMCHUK has a limited stock, but the brand's customers can order individual tailoring, which provides a rational approach to resources.

The main values of the ARTEMKLIMCHUK brand are preservation of traditions, design that will be relevant in decades and creation of things that can be inherited.

Watch the video history of the brand:

The project team: 

Daria Marusyk - project lead

Volodymyr Nechyporuk - general producer 

Alexandra Dimitrievich -  art director 

Taisiya Korotkova - graphic designer 

Edie Derbisheva - producer of the film crew

Tim Meir - cameraman / editing director

Valery Veduta - photographer

Katerina Fedichina, Oksana Shubina and Kateryna Budusova - communication department

Irina Chyrkova - literary editor

Olena Soroka, Nadiya Nevmerzhytska, Valentyna Kurchenko, administrative department

Mira Marchuk -  project assistant

ARTEMKLIMCHUK archives are used in the video.

Project of Ukrainian Fashion Council

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