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Ukrainian Fashion Week with the support of the Ukrainian Cultural Foundation presents the fourth story Action: Sustainable Fashion - DevoHome

Hemp fabrics are very popular material among both established brands and consumers. The process of growing, processing and further use of hemp raw materials is as ethical as possible for the environment and people. That is why sustainable manufacturers are increasingly using this fabric to create clothing. Moreover, the high quality and environmental properties of this material are in great demand today.

The process of working with hemp as a raw material for the manufacture of textiles is still quite expensive and complex. However, Ukraine has every chance to work in this direction of the textile industry - due to favorable conditions and traditions.

The hemp fiber clothing and home textile brand DevoHome is restoring the ecosystem of identity, focusing on innovation and rethinking Ukrainian traditions.

For the seventh year in a row, the brand team continues to support the 12th and 14th goals of the United Nations development program (responsible consumption and conservation of marine ecosystems).

"We are the first in the world to develop and offer innovative fur based on non-woven hemp fiber as a substitute for natural and eco-fur," said the brand's founder Oksana Devo.

The innovative HempFur material replaces animal and synthetic fur and is suitable for sewing hemp coats.

Oksana Devo

Hemp fiber is a durable biodegradable material, grows without herbicides and pesticides, is resistant to pests, quickly absorbs and releases moisture, hypoallergenic; provides excellent temperature regulation and air circulation.

The brand also produces natural hemp insulation, which is used for coats, jackets and vests as a replacement for down and synthetics, which is commonly used in the mass market.

DevoHome emphasizes that when creating its product, the brand team treats all parts of the process responsibly, not killing nature, but restoring the traditional Ukrainian production of hemp textiles.

You can watch the video history of the brand:

Team members who are working on the Action: Sustainable Fashion project:

Daria Marusyk - project manager

Volodymyr Nechyporuk - producer of the project

Oleksandra Dimitrievich - art director of the project

Taisiya Korotkova - graphic designer of the project

Edie Derbisheva - producer of the film crew

Tim Meir - cameraman / editing director

Valery Veduta - photographer

Kateryna Fedychina, Oksana Shubina and Kateryna Budusova - communication department

Irina Chirkova - literary editor

Olena Soroka, Nadiya Nevmerzhytska, Valentyna Kurchenko - administrative department

Mira Marchuk - project assistant

DevoHome archives were also used in the work on the project

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