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Ukrainian Fashion Week with the support of the Ukrainian Cultural Foundation presents the seventh story Action: Sustainable Fashion – DZHUS.

Ethical attitude to the animals, rejection of natural fur and the transition to cruelty-free materials are integral parts of the sustainable development of the fashion industry.  Today, the industry is undergoing a long process of transformation at all levels.  One by one, world-famous brands are announcing their refusal to use fur.  In this choice, they are supported by consumers who have also changed their attitude to materials of animal origin.

The DZHUS brand has always been ready for transformation. It is an ethical and conceptual womenswear brand founded in 2010 by a Kyiv-based designer and stylist Iryna Dzhus.

From the day of its launch, DZHUS has been using only ethical materials, making all the products vegetarian-friendly. To the brand’s team, humane treatment of animals is not a concept but an a-priori moral norm. In 2019, DZHUS has been awarded with the Cruelty-free Fashion prize at Best Fashion Awards, Ukraine’s leading fashion rating.

Iryna Dzhus emphasizes that, in contrast to the ethical aspect, it is impossible to check the environmental friendliness of textiles available in Ukraine at all levels.  And the early import of wholesale consignments of certified raw materials does not meet the principles of individualization and zero-waste, which are a priority for DZHUS.  So today the brand is on the way to full transparency of production and currently does not use the term "environmental".

Iryna Dzhus

DZHUS collections have gained international recognition thanks to multifunctional products-transformers.  The author's innovations of the cut allow to minimize shopping, forming a diverse wardrobe from a small number of different things.  According to the designer, innovative solutions are the future of the fashion industry, which is currently experiencing a crisis of dominance of quantity over quality, and hence the problem of waste disposal and short-term purchases.  Drawing inspiration from the hidden potential of clothing as such, DZHUS creates a utilitarian avant-garde that is an unique alternative to fashion patterns.  The brand works on a ‘made to order’ system, replicating models from pre-ordered collections, which allows to reduce production volumes and not to accumulate leftovers and raw materials.

DZHUS pays special attention to ecological packaging.  Customers of the fashion house receive their orders in a cotton bag-transformer, which can not only be used as a full-fledged accessory, but also turned into a top of several styles.  Despite the high cost, the original packaging is complementary to buyers and does not affect the price of the product.

The founder of the brand adheres to the principles of conscious consumption in personal life, sorting garbage and limiting purchases, and in her work as a stylist, because she works only with ethical products and projects.  Irina Dzhus assures that it is easy to learn sustainable living, if gradually, one by one, to introduce useful habits into your daily life.

You can watch the video history of the brand at the link:

The project team: 

Daria Marusyk - project lead

Volodymyr Nechyporuk - general producer 

Alexandra Dimitrievich -  art director 

Taisiya Korotkova - graphic designer 

Edie Derbisheva - producer of the film crew

Tim Meir - cinematographer, editor

Valery Veduta - photographer

Katerina Fedichina, Oksana Shubina and Kateryna Budusova - communication department

Irina Chyrkova - literary editor

Helena Soroka, Nadya Nevmerzhytska, Valentyna Kurchenko - administrative department 

Mira Marchuk -  project assistant

DZHUS archives are used in the video.

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