Action: Sustainable Fashion: FROLOV

Ukrainian Fashion Week with the support of the Ukrainian Cultural Foundation presents the eighth story of Action: Sustainable Fashion - FROLOV

The social aspect of sustainable fashion is often overlooked. However, in reality, social responsibility of the brand is perhaps the most important component of radical change. It is fashion that provides a platform for broadcasting the most powerful social messages and draws attention to the key issues of today.

Ivan Frolov, designer and founder of the FROLOV brand, has always emphasized that he creates fashion not only for the sake of clothes. The uniqueness of the brand is that FROLOV raises important topics for society by initiating social and charitable projects. FROLOV actively supports KyivPride, HeForShe, the SpanBond Medical Assistance Foundation, and creates charitable jewelry collections with the SOVA brand and the 100% LIFE fund, part of the proceeds from the sale of which are used to purchase rapid HIV tests.

FROLOV has been sustainable since the first collection that was created in 2010. Then appeared the first transformers, the design of which made it possible to transform a certain model into a new timeless thing of perfect quality with the help of various elements. Even FROLOV evening outfits are not created for “one event". Dresses can become maxi, midi, tailcoat, pants can be turned into shorts, coats into jackets, and underwear can be worn back to front.

The brand team continues to improve its rational approach to the use of resources and monitors the ethics of all production processes. The brand does not sew in vain a bunch of samples of zero size for the sake of the show, and also does not have a huge stock of clothes. FROLOV recycles almost all production waste, using further textile fragments larger than 5 cm in its work. Once a month, workers transfer the rest of the production to orphanages for the manufacture of toys and clothes. Small textile residues are used for machine embroidery and applications. FROLOV clothes are sold in eco-boxes, which can then be conveniently used at home.

The designer appreciates the sincerity and authenticity of the expression. This is reflected in the FROLOV logo - a heart that beats tirelessly in each of its collections.

FROLOV is about intelligence and provocation. Ivan Frolov is convinced that today there is nothing more intelligent and sexual than responsibility, ethics, resilience and thoughtfulness towards nature and people.

You can watch the video history of the brand at the link:

The project team:

Daria Marusyk - project lead

Volodymyr Nechyporuk - general producer

Alexandra Dimitrievich - art director

Taisiya Korotkova - graphic designer

Edie Derbisheva - producer of the film crew

Tim Meir - cinematographer, editor

Valery Veduta - photographer

Katerina Fedichina, Oksana Shubina and Kateryna Budusova - communication department

Irina Chyrkova - literary editor

Helena Soroka, Nadya Nevmerzhytska, Valentyna Kurchenko - administrative department

Mira Marchuk - project assistant

FROLOV archives are used in the video.