Action: Sustainable Fashion – the Coat by Katya Silchenko

Ukrainian Fashion Week with the support of the Ukrainian Cultural Foundation presents the ninth, final, story from the designers-ambassadors Action: Sustainable Fashion - the Coat by Katya Silchenko

The main principles on which the sustainability strategy is based are constant improvement and care. Understanding that anything is created has a high price for the planet, encourages clothing manufacturers to treat every meter of fabric used with respect.

The modern world is overloaded with extra clothes. The heyday of fast fashion gave customers access to cheap things, the number of which far exceeded what we really need. The ephemerality of trends could not but deplete certain natural resources.

That is why today the sustainability movement has become a new necessity of our lives. This is the opinion of Katya Silchenko, the founder and designer of the prêt-à-porter women's clothing brand the Coat by Katya Silchenko. The company is an example of how fashion is slowing down, creating a product only in the required quantity, without residues.

Katya Silchenko

The Coat by Katya Silchenko was founded in 2014. The source of the designer's inspiration was the women around her: strong, passionate and delicate at the same time. Katya Silchenko planned the demand for her collections very carefully long before the fashion industry came to the communication of conscious consumption. The philosophy of thoughtful and responsible production is an integral part of the overall philosophy of the brand.

Today, the Coat by Katya Silchenko has almost no stock and never holds a total sale, as the brand team works individually on each order, calculating all the costs of creating an image.

"I am sure that in a tandem where there is complete trust between the client and the designer's team, we will be able to please our customers without leaving a huge amount of stock after the season, which must be disposed of through sales or other marketing moves," says Katya. - I have seen this in my own experience. Even now we do not have a single product from the FW19-20 collection! Isn't that a smart approach in the fashion industry?”.

You can watch the video history of the brand at the link:

The project team:

Daria Marusyk - project lead

Volodymyr Nechyporuk - general producer

Alexandra Dimitrievich - art director

Taisiya Korotkova - graphic designer

Edie Derbisheva - producer of the film crew

Slava Davydov - cinematographer, editor

Valery Veduta - photographer

Katerina Fedichina, Oksana Shubina and Kateryna Budusova - communication department

Irina Chyrkova - literary editor

Helena Soroka, Nadya Nevmerzhytska, Valentyna Kurchenko - administrative department

Mira Marchuk - project assistant

The Coat by Katya Silchenko archives are used in the video.