«Breath!». Pure One FW21-22

On March 13, O2 Fashion Space hosted a show of the sustainable and ethical brand Pure

One, which presented the drop of the FW21-22 collection called "Breath!".

Pure One adheres to the principles of sustainability, ethics, saving lives, caring for our planet and every living thing.

The past year has been marked by crises in many areas, a pandemic that has affected many areas of our lives, and a deteriorating environmental situation around the world. A record number of fires across the planet have destroyed millions of hectares of forests, claimed the lives of tens of thousands of people and billions of animals. All these events are reflected in the brand's collection.

Black and gray colors in the collection symbolize the ashes, and light shades and flowers - the revival and the belief that together we can restore the Earth's natural resources. The collection is decorated with patterns in various embroidery techniques with elements of flame that envelops the planet, and at the same time, elements of algae, which give every second sip of oxygen on Earth. After all, most of the oxygen is produced by these mini-factories. The collection includes products made of organic silk, organic velor, ethical wool, nettle and processed cotton.

After the show, the co-founders and designers of the brand Maryna Plotnykova and Nina Shershneva told about sustainable fashion and their way to create an ecological brand. All suppliers of the company adhere to the principles of sustainable development, transparency and circular economy, care for natural resources, produce fabrics with minimal impact on the environment, and use only natural methods of dyeing their fabrics.

Pure One uses all resources as efficiently as possible, produces only what meets current needs, and turns the remnants of fabrics into beautiful flowers, which were also presented at the show.

All fabrics are not only ecological, but also ethical. For example, the brand chooses only organic silk, during the production of which only empty cocoons are processed, and not cocoons with silkworms inside are cooked. Also banana silk, which is 65% composed of banana fiber, ethical wool and more.

The goal of Pure One is to become not just a sustainable, but a regenerative brand, that is, not just trying to save the planet's resources, but also to help restore it.

Pure One is working to cut supply chains, experimenting with crafts and techniques that increase the value of clothing and make it unique, and explore innovations to make clothing more sustainable and production more efficient and environmentally friendly.

Shoes: Nazary Jewelry: Zefirina Studio Beauty: partner 96group