Innovations in the Fashion Industry: Be Sustainable! Fashion Summit is Back

From engaged actors to ethical and environmental solutions, the third edition of BE SUSTAINABLE! Fashion Summit in Ukraine gathers inspiring eco-friendly brands. The involved and inspirational Ukrainian Fashion Week will take place online on February 7th, 2021, so stay tuned!

We were keen to know more about this fascinating recent project, and no one can talk better about it than Daria Marusyk, Head of Communications of the Ukrainian Fashion Week and Lead Project of BE SUSTAINABLE! Fashion Summit.

What is the BE SUSTAINABLE! Fashion Summit event about?

As an institution, Ukrainian Fashion Week has three main goals: support young designers, develop sustainable fashion, and collaborate internationally. Pre-quarantine, the project was presented as an interactive space during the Fashion Week period. This space demonstrates and supports local fashion designers who implement sustainable practices in their collections and communication.

The second part of the project is educational. There is a one-day open fashion conference the key problems of the topic and aimed at raising awareness of sustainable fashion, conscious consumption, and improving the fashion community's expertise.

We have already held two seasons of the summit, presented 45 sustainable designers and projects, built strong and long-term partnerships with 10 countries, and curated several successful local and international collaborations.

In what sense is this project innovative?

No institution in Ukraine that covers sustainable fashion development and works within the global agenda of industry transformation. There are no organisations that deal with education, professional networks, and innovations in fashion.

We collaborate not only with fashion but also with governmental agencies, embassies, and large companies. In December 2020, we received the Eco Transformation Prize for sustainable fashion development. This prize was about big changes in significant industrial companies, not in the creative sector.

As the project takes place during the Ukrainian Fashion Week, how do you select (or who is selecting) brands that corresponds to your philosophy?

The organising committee. This is always a tricky question, "is this designer sustainable enough?" For the last several years, I have been studying, exploring, and promoting responsible fashion ideas. I have come to the conclusion that sustainable fashion includes many aspects: economic, social, environmental, ethical, and cultural foundations of our present. Also, to discover new designers, we run an open call.

When we will connect on February 7th, to assist in the online event, what will we see?

The project will comprise video presentations of collections by sustainable designers and an international conference on Ukrainian Fashion Week's media platforms in the new season.

Despite the pandemic and difficulties in organising large-scale events, BE SUSTAINABLE! Fashion Summit expands its formats and level of international expertise. The team launches two summit panels at once: Ukrainian and international with 18 experts.

Don't forget to register through the link to enjoy this attractive virtual event!

by Noelann Bourgade

Project of Ukrainian Fashion Council

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