Second BE SUSTAINABLE! Fashion Summit was held in Ukraine

BE SUSTAINABLE! Fashion Summit is a professional international event aimed at increasing the level of expertise of Ukrainian professionals working in the field of design and production of clothing.

The presentation of the BE SUSTAINABLE! Space took place in Mystetskyi Arsenal on August 31.

BE SUSTAINABLE! Fashion Summit NoSS is held under the auspices of the Ukrainian Fashion Council.

This space serves to demonstrate and support local fashion designers who implement sustainable practices in their collections and communication. The presentation is based on the relevant context of modern society and encompasses the major issues of sustainable development in the country.

This year, BE SUSTAINABLE! Fashion Summit was supported by the U.S. Government Public Diplomacy Small Grants Program – Education, Culture, and Youth 2019-2020.

During the presentation, Bryan Furman, Deputy Attaché for Culture and Education of the U.S. Embassy, ​shared his views on how important it is today to support initiatives that unlock the potential for sustainable development and innovation in Ukraine and the world.

Bryan Furman

In the first part of the space, an art installation presented 18 young sustainable designers and brands. Organizing Committee of Ukrainian Fashion Week and BE SUSTAINABLE! discovered new names that use sustainable and innovative approaches for creating their collections.

The space featured:

· Borko (

· CHERESHNIVSKA (@chereshnivska)

· FRAMIORE (@framiore)

· Hélène Litorelle (@helene_litorelle)

· KO by KOLOTIY (@ko.bykolotiy)

· M0D44 ( MIYO (@miyo_re)

· oppido vintage silk upcycling project (@theoppido)


· POSTUSHNA (@lia_yuliya)

· Pure One (@bepureone)

· REVICLO BY MARKOVA (@reviclo_by_markova)

· Sheezen (@sheezen.wear)

· SLADGE (@sladge.lab)

· STARCHAK (@starchak_official)

· Svitla Volka Design (@svitlavolkadesign)

· WOLKOWA (@wolkowaola)

· Zharko (@zharko_official)

Daria Marusyk

The space was presented by Daria Marusyk, Head of Communications and Project Lead of BE SUSTAINABLE! at Ukrainian Fashion Week, and Andriy Zdesenko, Founder and President of Biosphere Corporation. Mr. Zdesenko spoke about the creative collaboration with Ukrainian set-designer Love Curly. He presented the ecological materials from the #GoGreen line, which were used to create the space. This project proves that other industries can work with brands in creative fields.

Andriy Zdesenko

The creative space was complemented by Kover NETYKSHA by YADVIGA NETYKSHA “The Birth of Venus from Garbage,” a tapestry reproduction of the famous painting “The Birth of Venus,” created from upcycled clothes and hemp.

“GFX SwapShop on the Blockchain with Swapchain”

This season, BE SUSTAINABLE! Fashion Summit, in partnership with Global Fashion Exchange, presented The Swapchain, the first of kind digital clothing exchange community, where each product journey and history will be traced on Blockchain, as well as the ownership and fashion environmental footprint, created by GFX and Lablaco.

To present the platform in Ukraine, 6 young designers, under the mentorship of London-based sustainable designer Patrick McDowell, created the RE: IMAGINE project, in which they rethought archival items from the collections of established Ukrainian brands.

Anastasia Rozova, of the CHERESHNIVSKA brand, reimagined a kimono by Poustovit. Julia Postushna created a completely new item, leaving the iconic elements of a dress by BEVZA. Anastasia Borko worked with a dress by Przhonskaya. Solomiya Butkovska created a new image by rethinking Litkovska. Maria Starchak also worked with a Poustovit dress. And Elena Lazorenko transformed Rybalko.

Re:Imagined Bevza by POSTUSHNA
Re:Imagined Przhonskaya by BORKO
Re:Imagined Rybalko by OPPIDO
Re:Imagined Poustovit by Starchak
Re:Imagined Poustovit by CHERESHNIVSKA
Re:Imagined Litkovska by MIYO
Re:Imagined shirt of Grygorii German by CHERESHNIVSKA

After the presentation, the “reborn” dresses became available for swapping in the GFX SwapShop.

At the end of the event, the founding companies of Lablaco and Global Fashion Exchange will report on the positive impact of the swapping.

BE SUSTAINABLE! Space also presented a showroom of conscious brands and projects. It featured collections by CHERESHNIVSKA, MIYO, OPPIDO, OUTFIELD, REVICLO BY MARKOVA, SLADGE, and a new resale project ODNA TAKA.

The second largest fashion summit dedicated to sustainable fashion development in Ukraine was held on September 1.

The main topic of this year’s summit was circular economy and the future of sustainable fashion. The conference started with a welcoming speech by the Minister of Environmental Protection and Natural Resources of Ukraine, Roman Abramovsky.

Roman Abramovsky

The summit program included presentations and reports by leading experts from Ukraine and the world. Anastasia Lutsenko and Olga Mukhina presented the trends of the resale market and their case of ODNA TAKA. Sabrina Gildehaus spoke about sustainability strategy and communication tools for Wastern European markets. Klaudia Shevelyuk presented circularity in fashion from the perspective of consumers, designers, and manufacturers. During a virtual interview, Patrick Duffy shared his experience of expanding the community for sustainable business development. Lorenzo Albrighi and ShihYun Kuo, the founders of Lablaco, used their platform to talk about the future of fashion tokenization. Patrick McDowell, a London-based designer, told his own sustainable success story. Kairi Lentsius, a fashion designer and lecturer at the textile department at Pallas University, shared insights from her 8 years’ experience of developing a sustainable brand.

Kairi Lentsius
Klaudia Shevelyuk
Lorenzo Albrighi, ShihYun Kuo
Anastasia Lutsenko and Olga Mukhina
Patrick Duffy
Patrick McDowell
Sabrina Gildehaus

The presentation of the new DZHUS collection also took place during the summit. The ECOPACK collection draws attention to the importance of recycling and further use of recycled materials. SS21 designs interpret the visual and structural features of different types of boxes, packages, and wrappers.

The summit was moderated by Yana Paniushkina, journalist, editor of The Page Style.

Yana Paniushkina, Anna Gaiova

BE SUSTAINABLE! Fashion Summit ended with a networking cocktail in coworking Platforma, where the summit guests were able to continue discussions on the prospects of sustainable development in Ukraine in a relaxed atmosphere.

Daria Marusyk
Sabrina Gildehaus
Oleksiy and Khrystyna Ryabchyna
Yadviga Netyksha

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